All type of hair

Thanks to its combination of wheat germ, shine silks and repair silks it creates a protective film that isolates the hair from humidity and reduces frizz immediately; providing luminosity while revitalizing and moisturizing.

1.SHEEN DROPS73 ml (2.5 Fl. Oz)

• Balanced blend of lightweight silicones that keep frizz under control.

• Prevents hair from becoming spongy.

• Gives immediate shine from the very first use.

• Recommended as a finishing product, especially after ironing or blow-drying hair.


All type of hair

Molds hair giving it a wet and firm look. Can be applied on both dry and wet hair.

1.STIFF HOLD SPIKING GEL300 ml (10.1 Fl. Oz)

• Strong hold

• Shapes and styles any type of hair.

• Gives shape to hair and leave it with a wet appearance.

• Contains high quality holding agents that keep hair shiny without leaving residues.

• Can be used on wet or dry hair.

WARNING: Follow directions for use. Discontinue its use if negative reactions are observed. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact, rinse with abundant water. Consult a physician. For external use only.